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Welding & Custom Fabrication

E.C. Harms Metal Fabricators, Inc.

Welding & Fabrication Services


Harms Metal Fabricators is the epitome of a custom weld shop.  We build all our weld fixtures and jigs in-house and have a wide array of welding capabilities.


Along with standard MIG/TIG welding, our weld shop has the facilities to weld aluminum and stainless steel.  We are also able to stud-weld up to 1/2” diameter studs and spot weld.  A plasma cutter is on-site for any detailed custom cutting requirements you may have.


E.C. Harms Metal Fabricators has several lasers on site which can be used to cut and/or etch a wide variety of materials, such as: mild and stainless steel, aluminum, brass, angle iron, Plexiglas, Glastic and wood.  E.C. Harms equipment gives us the capability to cut rectangular, square, and round tube, up to 5/8” wall x 12” outside diameter.   All three lasers have 60” x 120” dual table systems.  Our newest laser, a 4000 watt Bystronic, is able to cut 3/4” thick material.  We also have a MAZAK laser with a touch probe that allows us to pre-punch holes in our turret press and then laser the outside contour while maintaining critical hole-to-edge dimensions.


Harms Metal Fabricators employs in-house programmers who, through the use of “Metalsoft” brand software, provide CNC codes for all the CNC technology-guided equipment.


Our “Fabrivision” inspection machine gives us the versatility to scan parts that are up to 48”x72”.  This is not only an advantage for inspection purposes, but the scan can also be used in a reverse-engineering capacity, in order to create a CAD file from which the part can be reproduced.  When used for inspection, the scan is overlaid onto the existing CAD file so as to compare the two.  Deviation ranges can be color-coded for easy detection.  The software technology associated with the programming automatically creates an inspection report which we either file or ship with the parts, as per customer request.


Our 33-ton “Strippit” brand rotating turret press can provide all your punching needs.  With 33 stations (2 auto-index) and a full range of standard and custom punches, Harms Metal Fabricators is capable of working 3/8” thick x 50” x 166” mild, stainless and galvanized steel, brass, copper, wood and neoprene.